Safe Access System Auditing

Assessing the project

We can audit your site and examine it for compliance with fall prevention regulations and Australian Standards.

The first step for all projects is to assess the risks of the site and prioritise them by accounting for frequency of access and the potential consequences that may occur. We will speak to you about your current procedures and check their compliance with Australian standards and the Building Code of Australia.

In this risk assessment, the checking of your existing equipment to ensure that it complies with the appropriate standards and requirements is vital as the Australian standards are written into state based legislation, which means that to comply with legislation, your equipment needs to comply with that specific Australian standard.

Besides checking your compliance and assessing the risk assocaited with the project, the safe access system project audit provides you with accurate quotation and timeline figures for your consideration of the project in terms of budget allocation and resource allocation.

I Need to Know More

To find out more about the intial Auditing process of your project and how this can be used to comply with Australian OHS laws, or if you think you are ready to book this Safe Access System assessment, fill out the contact form HERE!

The Quantum Access Mission

Quantum Access pays special attention to ensuring that it is one of Australia’s most trusted brands when it comes to Safe Access Systems. This is done through designing complete and comprehensive safe access systems – each and every Safe Access System by Quantum  Access is carefully designed and implemented meaning you’ll get the right system for your site and requirements.