Roof Walkways

The Preferred Safe Access System

Roof-WalkwaysDifferent roofs require individual walkway solutions to maintain the safety of personnel.

Safety concerns for personnel crossing roofs range from slipping and tripping hazards to falls through fragile and brittle roofs and skylights.

Shopping centres, warehouses, heritage buildings, steeply pitched gables, brittle and fragile roofs all require different types and construction methods for walkways.

Quantum Access supplies and installs the Juralco range of aluminium roof walkways across the entire range of roof types.

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Walkways for ease-of-care Safe Access

Maintenance-free, a Roof Walkway safe access system is the easiest Safe Access System to implement. Quantum Access has built hundreds of Roof Walkway Safe Access Systems that are ready to use now and built to last well into the future.

When to use Roof Walkways

Quantum Access Roof Walkways are the easy to care for as well as safe way to access roofs for buildings where the simple solution is all that is needed.

Roof Walkways are the preferred safe access system and integrate Fixed Platforms, Stairways and Ladders through Quantum Access’ Design, Construction and Implementation processes.

Quantum Access’ Roof Walkways

Quantum Access builds Roof Walkway Safe Access Systems which are engineered for structural reliability and to preserve your roof in regards to waterproofing, rusting, and structure.

  • All implementation is conducted by one of the specialised Quantum Access Crew.
  • Quantum Access’ Roof Walkway and Hand Rail systems are well though out to ensure no hiccups in the process which means for you that a) Quantum Access can fix onto all the popular roof types and b) ensure short lead times for your installation.
  • The walkway’s structure is made from non- corrosive aluminium and 316 stainless steel. Any steel components are hot dipped galvanised.

I Need to Know More

To find out more about Roof Walkways and how they can be used to comply with Australian OHS laws, or if you think this type of Safe Access System is applicable to your project, fill out the contact form HERE!

The Quantum Access Mission

Quantum Access pays special attention to ensuring that it is one of Australia’s most trusted brands when it comes to Safe Access Systems. This is done through designing complete and comprehensive safe access systems – each and every Safe Access System by Quantum  Access is carefully designed and implemented meaning you’ll get the right system for your site and requirements.