Anchor Points & Static Lines

Anchor Points & Static Line System – Melbourne

Thanks to our knowledge, experience, and passion for keeping workers on sites safe the team at Quantum Access stock and install a number of reliable and durable roof safety anchor points and static lines suited for structures across Melbourne’s metropolitan area.

Fall prevention systems


It’s a mistake to think of an anchor as just an eyebolt, the layout and positioning of the individual components of the system can be dangerous without the careful attention it deserves.

In fact you cannot have a complete fall prevention system that you can rely on for years to come without the proper consideration of the Australian Standards as well as a comprehensive system design.

You must ensure that the anchor point and its corresponding system can bear the significant loads that come with supporting a person in the event of the fall that demanded its installation in the first place. Quantum Access provides a complete design-and-construct service for installation of anchor points and static lines in fall prevention safe access systems.

We supply and install approved proprietary systems by Sayfa. As an accredited installer, we provide services for the inspection and re-certification of installed fall restraint and fall arrest systems.

Roof Safety Anchor Points – Melbourne

An effective and reliable fall prevention system, Quantum Access proudly supplies a wide range of high-quality roof safety anchor points fit for installation in high-working environments across Melbourne.

When to use roof anchors and static lines

Roof anchors or static lines are used in fall prevention systems where guardrails are unfeasible – for example, when work needs to be carried out close to or on the edge of a building. The choice between roof anchors or static lines is dependent on many factors including the numbers of users of the system, the tasks to be carried out when connected to the fall prevention system and the existing structure and building type. Our experienced designers and installers can successfully integrate these products into complete roof access systems used across Melbourne to ensure they are fit for purpose and provide a greater level of customer satisfaction and ease of use.

Fall Arrest Roof Anchors Melbourne

At Quantum Access our expertly-produced fall arrest roof anchors allow workers across Melbourne to conduct repairs and maintenance at heights without the risk of falls and injury.

anchor point installation melbourne

Installation of roof anchors

Roof anchors can be fixed to the roof purlins, attached directly onto the roof sheeting or to concrete surfaces. Quantum Access will inform you of your best choice here during your Safe access system audit.

Using an anchor point and static line safe access system

As part of a fall prevention safe access system, the design of roof anchors needs to be carefully thought out. Making sure the design aspect of the system meets the safety requirements of the project will reduce the risk of the falls by eliminating both first and second instance incidents.

In addition to design for safety, the actual training on the system is critical for anyone using the system as well as the person maintaining the roof anchors.

I Need to Know More

To find out more about Anchor Points and Static Lines and how they can be used to comply with Australian OHS laws, or if you think this type of Safe Access System is applicable to your project, fill out the contact form HERE!

The Quantum Access Mission

Quantum Access pays special attention to ensuring that it is one of Australia’s most trusted brands when it comes to Safe Access Systems. This is done through designing complete and comprehensive safe access systems – each and every Safe Access System by Quantum Access is carefully designed and implemented meaning you’ll get the right system for your site and requirements.