About Quantum Access

Quantum Access was founded in 1994 as a small privately owned company servicing the safe access needs of the building services industry.

Our business is focused and specialised on the design, supply and installation of roof walkways, handrails, catwalks, ladders, and fall restraint and fall arrest systems.

We provide a complete design and construct service for all types of safe access systems including: walkways, handrails, catwalks, ladders, fall restraint and fall protection systems to enable safe access to plant and equipment requiring servicing as well as to general areas requiring maintenance.

Our expertise extends across the broad spectrum of buildings and facilities in commercial, industrial, institutional, and educational areas and we can offer professional advice on all forms of safe access requirements.

Our skilled team of designers and installers are able to complete both minor and major works in short timeframes with fast turnarounds.

The office and factory are located in Dingley in Melbourne’s South East and are ideally located to service the city and Metropolitan area.

As an authorised Juralco dealer, we stock and sell a wide range of Juralco aluminium products.

As a small, specialist, family run business the company occupies a unique place in the industry offering:

  • Quality service: Prompt quotes,and construction times.
  • Quality work: The company has a well earned reputation for delivering quality workmanship.
  • Quality products: Use of the Juralco systems and selected custom made products ensure a high standard of quality is maintained.
  • Versatility and flexibility: With the ability to move quickly and seamlessly between different types and size of work.
  • In house expertise: The company encompasses a range of expertise across the building industry including; roofing, building, safety systems, plumbing, fabrication, design and project management.
  • Innovation: As a small experienced team the company has the ability to provide quick innovative solutions ‘on the job’ as well as developing innovative solutions for unique and complex problems requiring detailed design.
  • Reasonable priced work: Low overheads and flexibility enable the company to be very competitive without sacrificing quality.
  • Excellent communication and team work: A team approach with open and direct communication ensures a tight, well co-ordinated and professional business with good customer follow through and feedback.
  • Juralco dealer and installer: Quantum Access is an authorised Juralco dealer and installer enabling supply of material at the best industry rates, access to industry information.

The Quantum Access Mission

Quantum Access pays special attention to ensuring that it is one of Australia’s most trusted brands when it comes to Safe Access Systems. This is done through designing complete and comprehensive safe access systems – each and every Safe Access System by Quantum  Access is carefully designed and implemented meaning you’ll get the right system for your site and requirements.